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APACMed-MedTech Innovator
Best Video Competition

The APACMed-MedTech Innovator Best Video Competition features some of the cutting edge innovations from this year’s MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific Accelerator cohort. The competing startups were selected out of hundreds of applicants, and they are currently participating in a four month accelerator, including mentorship by some of the leading strategics and stakeholders in the Asia Pacific MedTech industry. See for details about the program.

Voting for the ‘APACMed-MedTech Innovator Best Video Competition has officially closed! Congratulations to Autoyos, Cartosense, and Lungpass for winning the APACMed-MedTech Innovator Best Video Competition.


Bengaluru, India

Autonomous system to provide affordable end-to-end eye care without requiring an operator

Bloom Standard
Hong Kong

Wearable, AI driven ultrasound device for low-resource countries, infant CHD and pulmonary screenin

Chennai, India

Portable, affordable and highly flexible surgical navigation for neurosurgery

Credo Diagnostics Biomedical

Ease of sample preparation and rapid detection of respiratory diseases but at affordable price

South Korea

Dental 3D viewer supporting clinical decision making with its intrinsic AI tools


FxMMG™ is a medical imaging AI software for mammograms that enhances efficiency and accuracy

Healthy Networks
Tallinn, Estonia

World’s most affordable smart stethoscope for lungs- detect disease early to save lives

Osaka, Japan

A catheter realizing durable valvuloplasty for aortic valve stenosis inserted via radial artery

Naluri Life
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Naluri helps people with chronic disease get healthier through personalised digital coaching

Singapore / Italy

The first metal-based implant developed for use in reshaping deformed corneas

Remidio Innovative Solutions
Bangalore, India

Decentralizing Eye Wellness to Primary Care, Retail and Public Health with AI integrated devices


Biodegradable implantable device for postsurgical anti-adhesion and anti-carcinomatosis application

Symbow Medical Technology
Bei Jing, Mainland China

For early diagnosis, providing both morphological & quantified functional information of the breast

Vigor Medical Systems
North Carolina, United States

Mobile device and digital health system for diagnosing, managing, and predicting lung diseases


Accurate, affordable and globally scalable early cancer detection from a small, 10mL blood sample